Friday, April 13, 2007

Somehow I Keep Winning

I played Jason today in a 1700 Take and hold battle. After he took 3rd overall from the staff tournament I fully expected him to break my four game winning streak and teach me a lesson.

I used the same army as last time versus Marc's Necrons with the Warp Spiders added in with Runes of Warding given to the Farseer. His army was based on Alpha Legion with a Chaos Lieutenant leading three squads of 10 marines, tank hunting Havoc marines with four autocannons, large squad of cultists, terminator chosen squad, Defiler, and Dreadnought.

We played Omega level so with the escalation I only started the Dark Reapers, Pathfinders, and small Scorpion squad on the table who were vastly outnumbered by almost all the marines starting. He tried an enveloping tactic advancing on both flanks while the tacticals and Havocs owned the centre, but I countered with a refused flank and brought all my firepower on the east side.

It was slow at first but eventually the flank crumbled for chaos and my forces began to roll up the envelopment and chew through the squads. The hard as nails Eldar tanks proved too much for the enemy and the Alpha Legion was forced to pull back in haste leaving the board to control of the Eldar.

- In two turns the five Dark Reapers four marines of one tactical squad each turn and the remaining two guys broke and ran under the onslaught.

- The assault marines attacked the 6 model Scorpion squad in turn one killing them outright, took the brunt of firepower from the guardians, warlock, wave serpent, jetbikes, and fire prism in turn two and lost only 4 men out of ten, and then on their turn killed four guardians and broke the rest. Unfortunately, on turn three the same firepower proved just as effective and the squad was eliminated by a charge of the jetbikes and Farseer.

- Chaos Lt accompanying the cultists advanced through firepower but failed to do much beyond killing one vyper.

- Defiler lands shot right on guardians and large scorpion squad killing five Scorpions and two guardians, pinning the latter.

- Warp Spiders spend most of the game in the warp finally showing up to Deep Strike behind the advancing Dreadnought and kill him. In turn the Defiler turns and heavy flamers / autocannons them and finishes them off with a charge that breaks them.

- Terminators warp in deep in Eldar deployment zone and proceed to heavy flamer the three remaining pathfinders in cover. Unfortunately they also hit two cultists in the process. Subsequently the tightly packed Terminator squad was the target for the Fire Prism which hit and took out three of the chosen. The other two were gunned down by the Shuricannon wave serpent.

The Streak lives at five games! Who shall be the next victim!

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