Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Dennis helped me finish a level four mission I've been struggling with last night, Angel Extravaganza 4. Even with my Drake and his Domi it took 2 full hours and that was without salvaging. It actually hurt to log off without salvaging the wrecks but my life was in danger from wife aggro.

For a long time I've been stockpiling mods I can use as well other miscellaneous junk and the hanger is getting a little crowded again. I think I'm going to run up to Rens and put a lot of it up for sale and try to add to the wallet. After that I'm going to take the hit on training times and jump clone out to 0.0 to rat and get more money while training finishes for Electronic Upgrades V and then Missile Launcher Operation IV and V. Then I can come back in a few days, get Covert Ops and Cruise Missiles and buy my Raven.

Its a plan.

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