Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Level V again and again

With Caldari Frigate V done I decide late last week to work towards the cloaking device since I wanted to do more exploration in low sec. So I put on Electronics V and its chugging away with 2 and a half days left. Unfortunately it seems it wants to finish the middle of Friday night so I'll let it go for now and switch it Friday during the day for something else that will finish Saturday. Then I can peel off the rest of Electronics V and Cloaking I, II, and III so I have access to the Improved Cloaking Device in my hanger.

But what after that?

Well, I've got three more level V skills gating me to three different goals: Drones V which I need for a fifth drone and Drone Interfacing for kick ass drones; Scout Drone Op V which I need for the T2 drone skills (along with Drones V); and Electronics Upgrades V which I need for Covert Ops frigates. So I figured I would just bang off those three big skills and that would leave me 16 skills that in total require a little over 16 days. I'll be swapping a lot of skills during that time!

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