Monday, April 09, 2007

Freaking PWNED!

I was in my CEO alt moving stuff around. I had all my salvage parts and researched rig BPOs in high sec. I was in low sec and ran up my Badger2 and saw nothing worrisome. After all, Monday is quiet right?

I pack up all my salvage parts, rig BPOs, minerals in my Badger and five minutes after I had passed through I jumped through the gate.

Oh shit. About 20-30 red flashy ships sitting on the gate. My mind froze and I never even considering Ctrl-Q to get out of there. Instead I hit warp to the next gate and even though I had three warp stabs I never stood a chance.


Good thing was that everything was in secure cans so I think those bastards didn't get anything except a couple warp stabs. Also good that I wasn't carrying any client blueprints.

Bad thing was I probably lost about 30-50 million in stuff and set back my rig production by about a month. F*ck me.

My own fault really. I've been getting pretty comfortable in low sec and forgot my own rule about not transporting too much value at a time. Lesson learned the hard way.

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