Monday, April 09, 2007

Dance With the Devil

It was an exciting long weekend for Eve events. Let's get started!

Solo PvP always seemed out of reach for me. First off, Caldari cruisers are notoriously bad for solo ganking because their tank requires mid slots that are needed for scramblers and webbers. Secondly, I tend to suck at activities requiring a cool head, quick reaction time, and fast thinking. But I'm at a point where I can earn a lot of money from missions so losing a T1 fitted cruiser or three would not be the end of the world and with my combat skills recently buffed over the winter I decided it was time to give it a go.

I fitted up a Moa with blasters, NOS, scram, web, damage mods, the whole ganking effort. No tank. The idea was to kill my opponent before I needed to get out. I went hunting in low sec and ran into a Caracal willing to dance. Everything worked as it was supposed to except my opponent who decided to tank my damage while pummeling me. He wasn't going anywhere but he didn't need to; I was halfway through his shield while he was into my armour. Ouch. Fortunately, he had no scram so couldn't keep me from escaping to lick my wounds and think about what went wrong.

I took the Moa back to the shop and refitted by removing the webber and a tracking enhancer and adding a Large Shield Extender and Med Shield booster. This more than doubled my shields and gives me some tanking ability. I went out hunting again but failed to nail down a Caracal in a belt before it warped off and threatened in local to be right back with a drake. Um, no thanks.

In the meantime, a portion of my corp just up and left, lured by the promise of million isk rats and exciting fleet battles in 0.0. Most of the people who left I didn't know very well but a couple will be missed. I understand the need to do what you want though and a few others still in the corp are talking about how they need a 0.0 outpost for sec status and isk so I'm seeing what I can offer.

Finally, last night I had an hour to kill so decided to try exploring again even though I still need to get cloaking for low sec and more training into Signal Acquisition. I had a hit and proceeded to track it down, and I was so proud when I warped in on the gate to an Angel Lookout. Unfortunately, I saw someone else there at the same time so by the time I get around to exploring the site it may be gone, or empty. Oh well, I'm just pumped to know I can do it! Once I have my covert ops and cloaking device, low sec here I come!

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