Monday, April 30, 2007


With the growing presence of the pirate corp INFOD in Molden Heath and the losses I've suffered to them through KODA, I've decided to pack up the POS this week and shut down research.

Instead I'm going to concentrate on getting my invention supply sources up and running and try to improve my standing with Ishkone Corp to get better R&D agents. The problem is that no one in KODA has the abilities to fly missions. I tried again with Derranna this weekend and was forced to warp out without damaging one rat. Pathetic. So instead I'm going to bring my jump clone in and run the missions for her once a week or so. Hopefully she can get more courier missions which she should have no trouble with.

On the main front, I've got my Raven, cruise missile launchers, cruise missiles, and Cruise Missile skill is training as I type. I hope to start running Level four missions solo again this week when time permits after moving Derranna's stuff. And dismantling the POS. Sigh.

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