Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Last night I stepped into Eve and finished my move to my new base in Molden Heath. Hmmmm, nice decor, needs a little paint and new light fixtures, but it will do. I thought about jumping into 0.0 but damn if the thought of giving up my +3 implants for +1 isn't a tough nut to swallow. So I figured I'd run a quick level 4 mission.

Doh. I got assigned Blockade. The complete opposite of a quick level 4 mission.

I get into the Rokh and fly to the mission and start it. First warp in is kind of tricky with fast Arch Angel frigates screaming at me at full speed and five battleships pummeling me with missiles (cruise I think?). But its not deadspace and I quickly warp out and back at a better range for my guns and take control. After the starting group the next wave arrives but in three different locations, fortunately all far away. Again I manipulate range and ammo and succeed in clearing them out after a run to the station for more cap booster charges. The third wave comes in and its small, only four frigs and 5 battleships. I take out all but the last battleship before I log for the night. I made a good 6-7 million isk on bounties, and today I get to start over again.

The skill I'm training right now is Caldari Frigate V, the centre piece skill of not only my current Covert Ops Buzzard (and Manticore if I decide to train up Cruise Missiles which I might) but also a gating skill to Interceptors and Assault Ships, and further down the line, Interdictors. Of course, I'm also working my T2 drone skills in there to improve my abilities in the big ships so I've got a few levels in Drone Navigation and Durability and Drones V is gating everything else so I expect I'll throw that on next week.

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