Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Report

Well, despite the inclement weather my game weekend survived and great fun was had.

Friday night: I was faced with a level three mission called Massive Attack and I was determined to do it myself. But it was hard, so hard.

The problem is my choice of ship and weapons. The Rokh hits so very hard and so very far, but sacrifices tank for gank. Something gets in close I can't hit it and rely on drones to finish it off quickly. But when several frigates are buzzing around within 10 klicks I'm in serious trouble and have to warp out. If they would come within 5000 meters I could smartbomb them to death but alas, I had to think of something else.

So I went the opposite extreme and bought and built a super tanking Scorpion battleship with four piddly assault launchers. Worked like a charm. With the close frigates out of the way, the Rokh could return and take out the cruisers and ships in the next room. Yay.

But when I went into the bonus room I found myself not only surrounded by four Sansha's Daemons frigates but unaligned and caught around some structures. I was halfway through around before I warped out. Shit.

Back to the Scoprion, trundle through three gates, get to the bonus room gate and ... DAMN! Forgot the key! Go back to station, get the key, go through the three gates and then the bonus gate, nuke the frigates and the two cruisers and get the prize, a 13.5 million implant. Nice. Worth it? Maybe.

That only took about 4 hours.

Saturday Morning: I went to Chris' place and played some BFG. We started a 2000 pt cruiser clash and well... it wasn't pretty. You see, I always like to try some elaborate strategy with my ships, trying to use them in some plan that catches my opponent off guard. But the reality of the matter it, it rarely if ever works. Chris saw me deploying on one flank, matched me with his six light cruisers, then turned 90 degrees and left me in the dust. He then proceeded to ruin half of my fleet while the other half was abandoned. I surrendered after two turns.

Reality is, Chaos fleets work best when applying the sledgehammer so in a rematch I did just that. I got a bit lucky and managed to take down one battlebarge to put me in the lead and eventually his other battlebarge just got too far out of position to impact the rest of the battle.

Saturday Evening: Andrew got the expansion to Twilight Imperium so around three I trundled over and we started setting up, actually starting the game around 5 pm. It was a long one but lots of fun. In the end I won by serendipity when I took the right card to get the VPs to win. Great game and the expansion is great stuff.

All in all a great weekend!

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