Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To Rat or Not To Rat, That is the Question

The recent war is breaking, at least for a bit but we may charge right back at them despite the difficulty they represent. I'm still all for it as I have not lost anything in this war and am learning new things all the time.

I've consolidated all my possessions into one station now and trying to decide what to do next. The Rokh is no good for PvP of any type because its so damn expensive and slow. Perhaps a situation where I sit off 200 KM and shoot at someone but getting that situation is difficult and too easy to get ambushed in this almost 300 million ISK machine. Ratting in low sec also presents PvP danger so the Rokh is out for that as well. Really the only thing I can think of it being useful for is high sec missions where PvP is unlikely, or a large gank gang (fleet?) where I have some protection.

The Drake on the other hand, is perfect for ratting. Its affordable enough that I can lose one and not die inside, but powerful enough to take on almost any BS spawn I run into. The problem is our corp does not have a good spot to rat in really yet. The old 0.0 cottage is not exactly friendly territory and a new one proposed by a corpmate is deep in 0.0 in unfamiliar territory. I'm considering running complexes in high sec instead and see if I can make some money and security status rise out of it. Give it a try anyways I suppose.

* * * * *
In 40K news, I have a 1500 point game against Necrons tomorrow. I guess I had better come up with an army list!

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