Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Need Those DRONES!

I tried another level 4 mission last night and it was significantly harder than the first simply because I warped in too close on the first room and had a swarm of frigate drones and a battleship drone all within 20 km. I probably could have taken the big one but my T1 drones were taking too long on the frigates and I had to warp.

I came back with the Drake since it has a better shield tank due to the missile launchers not using cap so I can boost much more. Also, the missiles don't care about range so I can fling them with abandon. Once the swarm close to me was gone I came back with the Rokh and cleared the rest of the stage. On the second stage I could have done it solely with the Rokh but I foolishly agressed some Spider drones too close and they zoomed in before I could tag them and I think they were webbing me allowing the rest of the blob to catch up. Meh, live and learn.

So I need those T2 drones for in close defense and according to Eve MON I should have them by April 4.

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