Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Massive Attack - Part II

Last night I was assigned the Massive Attack mission against Sansha Nation again. This is the mission that last Friday took me four hours and a new Scorpion Battleship to complete and nearly destroyed my Rokh.

I was smarter this time. I had a Drake as my shield tanking frigate hunter with more firepower for taking out frigates than the Scorpion, I moved all three mission ships (Rokh, Drake, and salvaging Thrasher) to the mission system, and I realized that the mission was not in deadspace so I could make bookmarks in the room and warp out only to return at 100 klicks away to unleash the power of the Rokh upon my enemies. All in all, the whole mission including salvaging and the bonus room took just over an hour and a half and I only got my Rokh damaged once.

The loot and bounty was decent and I got another 14+ million implant that I again chose to plug in rather than sell to decrease training times. I'm not hurting for cash and I'm actually starting to make decent profit on the mission. Still, I'm really looking forward to level four missions for the bigger cash.

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