Monday, March 12, 2007

Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood: Saturday night I got out on a PvP mission with a few guys from the corp in my Ferox. Forgot how much fun it is to fly that sucker. I help bag a Retriever and Rupture putting me in 9th spot on the killboard. Gotta get out more often.

Sweat: The training plan got sidetracked a bit as I trained up Amarr Frigate to III and then Jury Rigging to III so I could get Shield Rigging to I this morning. This allowed me to throw on some shield rigs on the Rokh to boost those resistances. I'm back on the plan today and the list is getting smaller all the time. I now have access to T2 shield extenders.

Tears: Now that I have three +3 implants in my missioning clone, I was very reluctant to switch to my other clone for the weekend and lose the training time. Look, a tear. :(

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