Monday, February 26, 2007

What The Hell Happened?

This was a whirlwind weekend with lots of changes in my Eve situation. Here's my version of events.

On Friday I was a little frustrated that my corp's research had come to a stop and I was planning to start up my own research service using a small POS and mobile lab. Meanwhile, another corp-mate near the top of the ladder was growing restless and wanted to start up his own corp that would do Empire wars and act like mercenaries. This particular guy was the one who got me into Eve in the first place and mentored me through a lot of growing pains in the curve. In addition he is a real life friend. Not to mention I've been training my combat skills and I was getting a little hungry for war too.

On the other hand, my corp was close to my heart. I had made some friends, I had some considerable influence and respect, and I put in a lot of effort to make it work. So I was on the fence about what to do and was seriously considering leaving Derranna behind in my current corp to maintain the manufacturing and research duties while Kirith would go on the warpath. Sort of the best of two worlds.

Then the shit hit the fan.

I guess our CEO didn't take to kindly to the news that my friend was heading out on his own. I don't know the details since I was not privy to any of the conversations, but the end result was all permissions to roles and hangers being revoked for everyone on Saturday morning. This seriously ticked me off at first because I had stuff in Corp hangers that I had to wrangle with the CEO to get out later on. Also, it seemed like all the effort and trust I had tried to build up was worth nothing. Of course, in hindsight I see it was merely step one of two which followed the next day when everyone got booted from the corporation altogether. (You can't leave a corp whilst you still have roles and there is a 24 wait time after you lose/surrender all roles).

So there I was Sunday afternoon back in NPC corps for both my characters. Fortunately I had all my stuff that mattered and my mind was made up. Even if the offer to go back to the corp with my industrial was on the table the actions of the past weekend have soured me on that account. I'm moving forward with my mentor while Derranna is joining the ranks of Kodachi Enterprises to head up the manufacturing and research department there.

With one chapter ending, a new one begins.

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