Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Got to Rumble With Some Big Boys

I joined my new corp yesterday and slowly things are coming together. Last night I was on for a couple hours and hooked up with a corp mate to help him with his level four mission. He was in a Muninn heavy assault cruiser and I in my Battleship. He provided the tank for the missiles while I provided the firepower which worked fine in the first room but as we got into the second something weird happened. He had connection issues and got blown to pieces by the entire blob of 25+ cruisers and 10 or so battleships. Then, they all targeted me.

Of course, I warped out as soon as I saw him go down. I may have 10K shields but I have no tank beyond that: no boosters, no rechargers, and no hardeners. He was pissed but really wanted that mission done so he equipped a purely tanking Typhoon battleship and we warped in to try it again. He ran out of cap the first run where I killed 16 cruisers and in the second run I targeted someone I shouldn't have and had 2 battleships and 4 cruisers chasing me. Fortunately I had the speed to get out of range of the battleships and nailed the cruisers quickly. It was all downhill from there.

Made some decent ISK in bounties and mission reward from my mate. Today is get more stuff ready for setting up the POS.

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