Thursday, January 11, 2007

So Close!

Last night I was on and two corp mates were hunting so I jumped in my Ferox and flew 6-7 jumps to meet them. On my way, they engaged a couple assault frigates. I was moving as fast as I could but they were running into trouble as they could not break the armour tank on the first one.

I arrived and let loose with my drones and rails. The first assault frig started to lose its armour tank but one of my corp mates had to disengage and got blown up in the process. Ok, not good. The first enemy ship was almost destroyed, down to the last few bits of structure when my second corp mate went down. Scrambler destroyed, the target flew out of there as fast as possible leaving me facing one assault frigate alone. Figuring that without a webber I would be dead meat I warped out, leaving my little cheap drones behind.

So close! It was fun, but I had to call it quits as by the time the aggro counter wound down and my corp mates got new ships, it would be time for me to log. So I slunk the 6-7 jumps back to base and plotted my next trade.

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