Thursday, January 25, 2007

Craftworld Canathius Takes Revenge on Tau

James and I had a 1000 pts game last night playing the Secure and Control mission. It did not go well for the Tau.

It could have been a much closer game. James made a couple small tactical errors on one flank that allowed me to kill his commander and stealthsuits as well as immobilize his pirhanna, but I have no explanation as to why the other flank collapsed other than me just being lucky.

Piece of advice to James: always deploy your units as if you expect your enemy to go first. Your pirhanna was neutralized right away because I could target it easily right away. With it gone I could move my wave serpent and fire prism without serious concern of anything other than the hammerhead, allowing me to nail the stealsuits with shuriken goodness.

Other than that, you played decently but luck was not on your side: shuricannon from jetbike destroying a devilfish through the front armour? Two glances on the unupgraded fire prism and only shaking it both times? Jetbikes making most of their armour saves, failing only two out of ten? Somedays its just not your day, and others you can do no wrong.

Thanks for the game James, I look forward to our next match.

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