Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Time Flies...

I spent over an hour online last night and seemed to get very little done. Its amazing how time flies in this game.

First off while up in the hunting grounds I transfered a lot of my personal items to the new base in a Badger MKII I built for that purpose. Then the 24 wait period was over and I was able to clone jump back to Placid. I had asked a corp mate who specializes in Ship Builds for an ideal Ferox build using rails and spent a while buying the mods I needed to outfit this build. I also needed some new skills so bought a whack of skillbooks for the new mods and a couple Trade related ones to improve my buying and selling profit margins.

As I set out to collect my purchases, I decided to try and make some money trading again and bought 20,000 units of antibotics to sell at ~40 ISK profit each. But when I got to the destination station I could only sell 250 units. I forgot to make sure the buy order was for the same volume as the sell order. DOH! Lesson learned. Sigh.

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