Monday, December 18, 2006

Busy Weekend

This weekend I got a few chances to play Eve for extended periods. I did some PvPing with the corp, ratting, and trading. All in all, my favourite was PvP but the most profitable was trading.

PvP takes time, patience, and balls of steel. I've got the metal, but lack the other two. So PvP will always be an impromptu effort for me.

Ratting can make some decent money, but you need to be in lawless space always looking over your shoulder, you've got to worry about ammo and loot, and the concern that this rat might just get you if you're not careful.

Trading is making me good money. In my hauler I can pull in a couple million in a quick session. In low sec I'm not as vulnerable to gankers, and I don't have to worry about ammo and gathering loot. Sure, the rewards are only monetary and it does not get the blood pumping, but I can make money in short bursts of time. And most of all, I like it.

I do need to try some mission running again sometime, but trading is just too much fun right now.

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