Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Lawrence delivered a thrashing on me last night. Part of it was excellent solid play from him and his damn apothecaries, and part of it was me being an idiot.

I had a plan: hold back, draw him out by staying out of sight and waiting for him to trundle into my line of fire, and then blast him with guided weapons. Instead I stayed in the line of fire, spread out like crazy, moved away from my guiding farseers, and got taken apart piece by piece. Stupid stupid stupid.

Anyway, since the game was obviously lost I turned my mission into take out the Librarian and Venerable dreadnought instead of Take and Hold. I got the dreadnought and wounded and pinned the Librarian (go Shadow Weavers!!), but at very high cost.

Next time, Lawrence, next time!

In Eve news, Kirth is making me lots of ISK with his trade routes. Caldari Industrial IV finally finished and with level V requiring 22 days (!) I think that might be it for now. I did a comprehensive analysis of cargo expanders and determined which ones to purchase that gave me the most bang for my buck. Fifteen million later, I can now carry 12328 m3 in the Badger MKII and with the proper cargo cans I can boost it to 15993 m3 which is 2050 m3 more than I could previously.

But damn if I don't still eye up that Bustard in EVEMon every once in a while and say to myself, "Industry is only a Tier 1 skill, training it to V wouldn't be that hard.." Grrrrr. Stupid CCP.

Well regardless, that skill is done for now and I'm into improving my trade and combat skills. No real plan, just whatever fits the schedule for the moment. I decided to learn about rail guns because it was obvious I couldn't tell a 150 Dual railgun from a 200mm Carbide and finally got it in my head that ammo affects optimal range. I heard it before, but now I know the math. Sigh. One day at a time.

In other news, Korannon is able to fly his Badger and will start consolidating minerals. I have to see if he can train up to use some cargo expanders too. Derranna is getting some jump clones to facilitate production and research efforts. All in all, everything is going well.


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