Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Activities

Learning PvP in Eve has been hard for me. First off, I'm never online when the rest of the guys are mixing it up, and when I'm soloing I have no one there to say "Don't do that!!". Take Saturday morning for example...

I had a couple hours and a couple caracals made up so I went hunting. First I engaged a target too big for me, a battle cruiser, and appropriately got all blown up. I warped back to base in my pod, jumped in a second caracal and undocked... not remembering that the global agression counter still hated my ass and sentry guns started firing. Ack! I warp off... but not to a safe spot. Instead I warp to a gate, with more sentry guns with the hate on. Boom. Fuck.

I spent the rest of my playing time saturday and sunday morning replishing my supply of ships and mods and ammo. Sunday night I was ready for another hour of PvP, but lost half of it waiting for a corp mate to join me. Had I realized he would need so long to decide what mods, undock, try it out, go back and refit again, I would have just gone off by myself. Sigh. Needless to say, still no killmails for the Billster.

I'm almost at the point where I'm ready to say PvP is not for me. I'm either online when everyone else is not, or can only get online for an hour and have to leave before the operation even gets going. Solo PvP has been utterly brutal on my ass, losing three caracals in exchange for scratching the shields of others due to my own stupidity. I'm so frustrated cause I want to be a hunter and am not making any progress.

So I'm thinking of a career change. Mission running, Mining, or Trading are all options. Mission running has the advantage of requiring similar skills as PvP so I would continue to train in that direction and perhaps come back to PvP in the future. Mining on the other hand would play into my manufacturing side of things, providing minerals to Derranna to build stuff to sell. Trading is the least attractive, requiring lots of travelling and researching the markets.

I have a few days to make a decision as my learning skills are finishing in a week or two. I have 2.1 million skill points, of which 1.6 are in Learning skills, so if I'm going to make a Career change, now would be the time.

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