Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things Move Faster Than Expected Sometimes

Part of my Manufacturing Empire dream for IPORC was opening a corp hanger in 31MLU, and then storing all main BPOs there. Then other bases would remain stocked for production by creating and shipping BPCs to them. That way all research could be focused in one place, and BPOs would never need to move again.

My manufacturing superior Lucius also felt a need to open a corp hanger in 31MLU for other reasons. You see, if you start a manufacturing or research job from the corp hanger, anyone with the proper roles in the corp can view and manage those jobs. So he went to the directorship and explained his case for a 4 million ISK per month office in 31MLU, which was agreed. It opened and I moved all the BPOs into the hanger and started three new jobs from there. Sweet! Now I just have to push forward on my building for profit vision and getting more BPOs over here.

Lucius also expressed the possibility of his own research alternate character coming into the corp, which could mean even more research, and I'm now thinking that perhaps training up to Advanced Lab operation would not be such a bad idea.

On the other side of the galaxy, Kirith has managed to consolidate almost all his resources and I'm heading him back to Pelille area so I can use a jump clone service to get a couple jump clones. One I will take to 31MLU, another to stay in Pelille, and the third will head back to the opertion area. That way I will have some flexibility for mission running, PvPing, or ratting/mining as I see fit.

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