Thursday, November 09, 2006


Lucius and I transferred some blueprints over to the lab only to find they were the wrong set of Spare BPOs. Oh well, no big deal. Then I discovered I didn't have the right skills for operating multiple labs. I confused multiple factories with multiple laboratories. So I swung up to Empire today and got the basic skill and should have it trained four levels tonight so I can operate five at a time.

Still, making progress even if it is not in a straight line.

In other news, I put the first of my magnets into the Wraithlord and his weapons last night. I can now swap weapons with ease. Because the mangets were a lot smaller than I expected, I had to use two to make a good join. That way it will only come off if I turn it upside down and shake it. With only one it was a little less secure.

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