Thursday, October 19, 2006

Plans, Plans, Plans, Foolishness!

The biggest threat to my continued healthy existance in EvE is my impatientence.

Yesterday I talked about how I had purchased a Badger industrial ship and planned to fly it to the hunting grounds with extra care. Well this morning I set out. First I scouted a couple system in a shuttle to make sure there was no gate camps, but instead of doing that again at the most dangerous jump I had to make into 0.0 space, what did I do? I said, bah, I'll run the risk and sure enough jumped into a gate camp with my Badger! Frig!

Fortunately for me, it was only one stinking gate camping psycho (not a pirate, pirates are cool. Gate campers are usually assholes) and I was able to warp off before he killed me. Thank god for warp stablizers (I've got three installed). My shields and a quarter of my armour was blown off in one salvo, another second and I would have been scrap metal.

I smartened up after that near disaster and scouted ahead in my shuttle at the next two likely points of gate camping even though it slowed my progress down. There was none and I slinked (slunk? slunked?) into base with a scratched paint job and humbled pride. Now I have to rat hard for a couple days to build up my bank account into something respectable.

Last night I took my alt industrial character out of here home base and made the run down to Placid. It was 21 jumps through high sec space so I was able to use the autopilot with reasonable confidence. No problems. I then scooted her quickly over to Pelille and set her up nicely in my HQ where she will continue training until I get the minerals for the Caracal build ready.

Al commented in my last post whether running two characters concurrently for a month for $40 would be worth it since I could simply train the industrial skills on my main in less time and carry on. I responded there, but let me expand on my answer here.

My original plan for creating a manufacturer as an alt also had two other implied benefits. One, it would give me another character to be in Pelille while I am off in 9GYL so I can check markets, manufacture in two places, move stuff around, etc. And two, if my main's corp gets war declared, I have an account for spying runs that would not appear as red flashing automatically to enemies.

Now, is the extra $20 for another month of training time before transferring worth it? Well, this gives all the advantages of the original plan plus I can now train up Corporation management skills, refining and mining skills, some learning skills, piloting skills, and enhanced manufacturing skills. In other words, I'll be training a bunch of skills I don't want to right now on my main. That means I can move forward with plans for Kodachi Enterprises while still concentrating on getting the skills for Interdictors which if I stay on track still wouldn't be available until end of January 2007.

So the question boils down to this for me: is the ability to get Corporation management, manufacturing, mining skills trained up to useful levels now as opposed to waiting until middle of 2007 worth $40? For an impatient guy like me, the answer is "hell yeah!".


  1. Anonymous10:23 am

    For those of us following along at home, could you please explain what an "Interdictor" is and why you want one sooo bad?

    P.S. are you living in 0.0 space...and isn't that quite risky for a young character?

    P.P.S: I see that haveing two chars is rather advantageous

  2. Interdictor: In sci-fi parlance, it is a spacecraft with the ability to prevent other spacecraft from acheiving faster than light speeds. AFAIK, Star Wars first introduce the concept borrowing the term from military parlance where interdictors were air and water craft that intercepted enemy logistics.

    In Eve terms, the Interdictor class starship is based on the Destroy hull and has the unique ability to launch Warp Disrupt Spehere, weapons that generate a 20 km bubble that not only prevent warping from within it, but can also pull in passing starcraft out of warp. Needless to say, a deadly ability, especially since not even warp stabs will save you.

    0.0 space: As long as you are part of a corp and have appropriate insta bookmarks, 0.0 space is dengerous but not overly so.

  3. Anonymous7:29 pm

    In Star Wars...I don't recall that *hangs head in shame*, so could you refresh my memory (backup your outlandish claim).

    So you plan to keep your prey from escaping...isn't this usually done when part of a gang of attackers?

  4. See here:

    They weren't prevalent in the movies, but are more often found in the novels and such.

    Yeah, an interdictor is more of a fleet ship in Eve to work with other players as part of an operation, but even by itself the Flycatcher (Caldari Interdictor) can boast up to 6 or 7 missile launchers, enough to scare most t1 cruisers and some t2 Frigates.