Monday, October 30, 2006

First Off: Eldar

I've read and reviewed the Eldar codex in detail now. In honour and excitement of this new awesome book, I've been assembling models from the box set and starting up my painting again. First off, Wave Serpent getting gang colours:

Its dark red on one side and lighter red on the other because I base in red gore and do the top of the plates in Blood Red and I haven't gotten all the way around yet.

And some assembling:
The wraithlord will alse get a heavy weapon mount when my magnets come in. This autarch will be my main one with power weapon and pistol for simple leading and standing in as my "Hero" using the Yriel rules in the odd mega-game. Now I need fluff for it. I'm going to have at least one more Autrach, one with warp jump generator and other stuff.

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