Friday, September 22, 2006

Specialist Smackdowns

Last night I had the chance to play 3000 pts of Epic versus Jeff and then a 1000 pt game of BFG against Adam.


This was a fantastic game, even though I lost. Really you only need to see the following two pictures from the beginning of turn 2: this massive assault by three IG formations led to these four broken Chaos formations. That's 1200 pts broken before even activating in exchange for one rough rider formation and two other activated IG formations. He won the combined assault by 1 point  in the roll off. The one blast marker involved in all of those seven formations was on one of mine, and had it not been there then this game was completely different. Damn.

I tried to fight back and but it was hard and a failed assault by my platoon on the Stormtroopers (Jeff made great amrour saves and I made none) sealed the deal. I took him to four turns and we had to go to VPs, but he had the upper hand.

Great game Jeff. So close, yet so far.

Here are the pictures from the Epic game.


Battlefleet Gothic for the first time in a long time, and man is that game fun. One thousand points is a decent sized game and we fought hard. In the end, Adam won and I believe the victory can be attributted to the beginning. My two Slaughters pull up right beside a squardon of three Iconoclasts and three Infidels and open up with firepower 28, four lances, and 2 teleportation attacks. I mean point blank range. I killed NONE of them. Even my teleport attacks failed and they needed 2+ to kill. On his turn he used his cruisers to punish my Devestation cruiser down to a single point and it quickly disengaged giving Adam complete ordnance domination. I tried to fight back but was always one step behind as I had to deal with the two escort formations still as well as the cruisers.

Great game, and I'll get you next time Adam!

Here are the BFG game pictures I have. 

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  1. Great game, Bill!
    It occurs to me that my list wasn't legal, however. Apparently I have to take 3 cruisers to take a Repulsive grand cruiser.... (sighs) Sorry about that man!