Friday, September 08, 2006

Eldar, Its Good to Be Back

Man, I didn't realize quite how much I missed playing Eldar until I picked up the ghosthelm and witchblade this past summer once again.

Last night I played two quick 1000 pt games against Marty and his Blood Guard and Winston and his own Eldar. You can see the pictures here.

Long story short, Marty kicked my ass after I forgot that an enemy unit within 2 inches of a hatch when a transport goes down are all dead, losing me 9 Striking Scorpions and a Farseer. Ouch. The rest of my army did ok, but that just plain sucked. He won 4-0 in a Cleanse mission.

Against Winston and his skimmer army of minor-dread (2 Fire Prisms, 2 Wave Serpents, 4 vypers) I thought I was in trouble but my 15 Scorpions and Farseer proved too much for his Dire Avengers to handle and all of our skimmers were able to avoid much damage except my vyper and one of his Fire Prisms. Side note: Man, his Fire Prisms were hitting all over the place last night until the final turns. The thought of them at BS 4 sends excited shivers down my spine. I won the Take and Hold mission.

As I was entering in the results, I took a look at my overall record with Eldar (58-58-14) and was surprised to see a gap between October of 2004 and June of 2006. Almost two years of no Eldar games excepting a megabattle last winter. Wow, surprising. That basically allows me to break my Eldar playing into three distinct time frames or Eras. The first era was before 40K 3rd Ed came out. The second era started in July of 1999 and ran for five years to October of 2004 where I racked a respectable 55-53-14 record. Then the latest era started in June of this year and I'm currently holding at 3-5-0 record as I get back into the 40K game and remember all the gotchas and tactics.

And I can't wait until the new codex comes out in late October!!!

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