Friday, August 11, 2006


The Black Storm pushed back the Imperial forces under General David Von Perth, aka The Dragon's Bane, despite the help of the Warlord titan's firepower.

As the regiment advanced, the green glow of teleporting terminators appeared on the east flank, disrupting the advance and breaking the mechanized infantry formation where the Dragon's Bane was leading the assault. His life was threatened by bolter fire from three directions, but his loyal comissar companion Meghan Carlyle saved his life and saw him to safety.

With the supreme commander out of action, the Imperial forces slowly unravelled under the rapid chaos assault. Rallying around the titan, they found they were losing control of the field and ordered a slow withdrawal to Ridge 871 where a regrouping action was taking place. The Black Storm secured the battlefield and moved in its artillery to prepare for sustained bombardment.


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