Monday, August 28, 2006

Still Kicking

Weekend was taken up by my parent's 25th anniversary and some board gaming with Andrew. Monsters Menace America (great fun) and Nexus Ops, both games which Andrew won this time.

I did get some warhammer action last night, taking out my Eldar to display on a shelf as the Eldar release gets closer and closer (Oct 26!). I noticed my two vypers and fire prism turret had canopies that had unpainted struts so I glued them shut and applied the paint. I think it makes them look less fake and more professional, even if the paint jobs are crappy from a few years back.

I current have 4 grav tanks: Uber Falcon (unpainted), 2 wave serpents (1 painted, 1 unpainted), Falcon (painted). I also have a wave serpent from Corey painted in his craftworld colours. In addition I have my Fire Prism turret for upgrading a falcon when I need to (and with the new rules, I will need to A LOT!). The army box includes another falcon but I plan to scavenge the wave serpent pieces from Corey's old tank and upgrade it to my third wave serpent.

In the end I will have two falcons and three wave serpents, with the option of upgrading one of the falcons to Fire Prism by swapping the turret.

Oh, BTW, I have seen the new wraithlord and it is AWESOME!!!!  They had model at Bayshore assembled and partially painted. I drooled.

I can't wait to October 26 baby!

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