Thursday, July 13, 2006


Last night I got in a 1500 pt City Fight game with my Chaos against Brent (Ezekiel) and his Orks.

The first three turns I was kicking ass and taking names. Battlewagon, torched. Objective Buildings, secured. Orks, dead or demoralized. Warboss, crushed.

Sadly, the tides shifted dramatically in the last three turns and the orks kicked my ass. Ouch. Brent held steady despite early setbacks and when I made some minor tactical blunders, he exploited them to full effect and rolled back my forced on all fronts. Although he was two orks from not having a scoring unit, he held on and handed me a scathing defeat.

I had two major blunders: first I moved the Defiler forward off a Sewer Rat manhole cover allowing the Skarboyz to come from reserves in my quarter and close to the target building I was defending with two marine squads. Then, I moved such that the first defending marine squad was in front of the second but both were so close that he easily consolidated into the second squad when he assaulted and killed the first. (Note to self: even in cover, Orks are scary good at removing marines and obliterators from the board. Double Ouch!)

Anyways, I learned some good lessons and Brent demonstrated the fine art of persevering through rough patches to obtain the victory.

- Dreadnought assaults and crushes warboss.
- Daemon Prince assaults and destroys Battlewagon
- Obliterators deep strike and flame orks.
- Skarboyz assault and destroy Defiler.
- Skarboyz assault and destroy tactical squad in cover.

And Pictures!

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