Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lessons of the Eldar

As the Shadow Weavers lobbed their deadly payloads high into the air, the guardian activated the link to the Farseer. "We have found them."

"Excellent, pull back."

* * * * * *

The pale armoured Warwalkers swivelled its weapons to and fro looking for a target. Suddenly a red and black vyper flew out from behind some trees and ruins and took aim with its shuriken cannon at the wraithbone construct. The warwalker's scatterlasers zeroed in but the high velocity shuriken disks shredded its power plant and right knee. As the walker fell backwards the scatterlasers fired harmlessly into the air.

The vyper continued its attack run as a squad of right armoured Guardians burst from the treeline behind it. More shuriken fire strafed the position held by Dark Reapers and Guardians sporting the pale ivory and blue colours of Craftworld Baast. The lead Guardian from Craftworld Canathius linked to his commander and sent one simple message.

"We have their attention."

* * * * *

The Wave Serpents of Baast had been driven into the ground under the relentless assault of firepower from Craftworld Canathius' skimmers. But the two Wraithlords of Baast were proving more difficult to deal with. Their flamers forced the Guardians and Striking Scoprions back from the high ground where the assault on the approaching chaos legion was to be launched from. The Seers of Baast wanted this hill to ambush the oncoming monkeigh, and for mysterious reasons the Seers of Canathius wanted to prevent it.

Farseer Ianthius El'Canath knew the time had come to take matters into his own hands. With a psychic pulse he directed his three Warlock attendents to attack the first of the towering contructs while he rushed as quickly as his old bones could move him to the second Wraithlord, swatting at and killing Aspect warriors. The Striking Scorpions yelled and attacked harmlessly at its legs but the experienced warrior of the spirit stone powering it recognized the distraction for what it was and turned to face the charging Farseer. One massive mechanical hand swatted with amazing elegance and speed but Ianthus stepped into the blow and swung his ancient witchblade in a downward arc, slicing through the wrist of the arm and dropping the deadly power fist to the ground.

The wraithlord reared up and howled in rage and surprise, but before it could react further the Eldar swung his sword with two hands in an upwards stroke striking the Ghost Warrior in the groin and slicing up and through the head as if it were cutting through smoke. The howl abruptly ended and the wraithbone contruct dropped to its knees and then flopped onto its side.

"Sorry old warrior," the Farseer whispered to his unhearing foe, "but I do what must be done."

* * * * *

"Lord Kirith, we found signs of a battle. There are smoking wrecks of Eldar vehicles all around this hill, but strangely no bodies."

The chaos lord considered this news radioed to him by the scouting Raptor formation. "Expand the scouting radius further, and I'll send some air support to search as well. We are near Vulcanis and the hive is filthy with the weak xenos. We'll meet them in battle soon enough."

"As you command, my lord."

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