Monday, June 05, 2006

Finished Reapers, Grand Cruiser, and Guardians

I finished the Dark Reapers on the weekend, and as well based the four guardians I had completed weeks ago.

With these guys finished I can field a 1000 pts Biel Tann army. Not a balanced or effective one I'm sure, but nonetheless its a good start.

If I use some more models that are unlikely to be painted anytime this decade, like Vypers, wave serpent, jetbikes, warp spiders, I can create a slighly more effective force. But not much more. Obviously, I need more!

Oh I also finished that Grand Cruiser I was painting, the Vae Victus:

Next on the painting queue is Inquisitor Kelarran for fun (should be familiar to all of you since you've been reading my fluff... right? RIGHT?!), then back to Eldar with four more new guardians and a brand new wave serpent!


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