Thursday, June 22, 2006

Black Storm crush the lapdogs of the False Emperor

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"My Lord, we have company."

Kirith felt a pang of worry. Jossat was reporting from near the end of the convoy. "The Eldar?" he asked.

"Negative. It appears the Ultramarines would like to prevent us from entering the Hive proper. They are coming fast on the highway with Land Raiders, Predators, and some Whirlwinds."

"Fools," Kirith scoffed. "Do they not realize the firepower we have here? Take what you need from the convoy and crush their pathetic advance. No mercy."

"Aye my lord, no mercy."

* * * * *

The blue Land Raiders were making good speed on the highway though the abandon city one hundred and twenty kilometers from Vulcanis Hive when the Black Storm struck. Out of several side streets renegade bikes flew out at incredible speeds and turned towards the massive tanks, charging them head on. The weapons of the tanks opened fire but had difficulty picking targets fast enough. The bikes swooshed between the tanks, serving back and forth and slapping on melta bombs or reaching out with power fists as they passed. Tracks and sponsons exploded off and several of the tank skidded to stops, sitting ducks for the fast moving and surprisingly well armed enemy.

Daemons then began to materialize and several squads of tactical marines opened fire from high above the street in the upper floors of abandoned apartment blocks. One by one the guns of the tanks were silenced.

* * * * *

"Lord Kirith?"

"Yes Lord Jossat?"

"It is done."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Derek and I played a 4000 point game of Epic last night. I was still sore from the last time we met when my poorly led armoured attack met a swift death at his drop podding army's hands, so I took a far more balanced list with lots of infantry and some Death Wheels and a Ravager Titan. Derek apparently forgot about the lessons of last game and took a completely armoured list. Sixteen(?) Land Raiders, 8 predators, 8 whirlwinds, some vindicators, and a Thunderhawk.

The game was one of a refused flank. In other words, instead of attacking up the middle I performed a perfect flanking sweep around on the blitz, breaking his back in turn two when my bikes and a tactical platoon combined to destroy two land raider formations in one assault. With the centre of the board on the right flank secured, I was able to push him back and take his blitz objective and I destroyed his Break Their Spirit formation for the win in turn 4.

Fundamentally the problem with all armoured lists is that there is significantly fewer models in each formation and the army as a whole, and its easy to get outnumbered and fail a few saves to turn a bad roll into a disaster. This game exemplified that perfectly. Derek did fight a good fight though, forcing it into 4 turns when I thought it was over in turn 2. In the end I just had too many formations still kicking and secured the win.

Thanks Derek!

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