Friday, May 26, 2006

Photo Update

I got some more work done on the Dark Reapers last night, tidying up the black and red and doing some details. I started highlight the black robes on the Exarch with deep blue but it didn't look right so I'm going to go back to black and then highlight with grey. More subtle. I also but black ink on the mask to bring out the details of the face, and after this picture fixed up the grey around that area. More pictures after the weekend.

The base needed re-working on my Chaos Lord in power armour, so starting cleaning that off. Pieces fell off as I was working and it took all my willpower to not throw him in the stripping dip and repaint him. I could do so much better now, but my chaos army is a project for another year. Eldar first.

I traded some old White Dwarf mags for an Imperator titan. Not sure if I'm going to sell him or paint him yet. Both are tempting for different reasons. And also here are some Dark Reapers I got from Dave. They did go straight into the dip.

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