Monday, May 01, 2006

Cornocopia of Pictures

I got a lot of painting done this weekend and lots of pictures to show it off. We'll start with Epic stuff. The two Forge World buildings I purchased got finally finished after many adventures in priming-stripping-repriming.

I also completed my Ravager titan to give me thoughts of fielding an Adeptus Mechanicus list (corrupted of course!).

And here are the titans patrolling a Forge World Tank Factory and other buildings just to give scale of them:

Oh, and here are the finished Havocs and new Obliterators.

Next up I've started to work on my Grand Cruiser for BFG just because its a damn cool model. I am going to use magnets in the side batteries so I can switch from two different types.

Finally , 40K Eldar! I spent most of the weekend working on these guys, but finished models get camera priority. Guardians moving right along, and Dark Reapers entering the highlight stage.

I find my painting productivity has gone way up over previous years for three reasons.
1. Instead of working on one project at a time, I find I like being able to switch amoung several model types and spread my attention around. Keeps interest up.

2. My painting skill has increased to a point where I am painting for pride as opposed to simply getting stuff on the table.

3. Got to keep the blog content coming! Yikes!

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