Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bill's Revenge

Yesterday I got my desired rematch against Dave and his IG and the result could not have been more different. Everything that failed to gel last time seemed to click right away this time.

Dave used much the same army with Warlord and Shadowswords, opting to trade the Lunar cruiser for more Hydras. I choose to forsake the Deathwheels and add a Devestation cruiser and have platoon #2 dreadclaw drop. I beefed up my terminator formations as well.

Dave deployed his Warlord on the Blitz objectives supported by 2 infantry platoons and 2 shadowsowrds and hydras. On turn 2 I teleported both terminators and dropped the infantry right beside the blitz and began mopping up the flank.

Although Dave's Warlord stood tall and prevented my from taking the blitz on turn 3, the rest of the battlefield was controlled by me and I pushed the enemy back to secure the They Shall Not Pass goal and Defend the Flag goal for a 2-0 victory.

* * * * *
I was able get take on Jeff in a second game, using my same list. But whereas Dave traded mobility for Firepower, Jeff went the other direction and had a very mobile and flexible force.

All the good luck I used in the first game left me in the second and I never really got my mojo going. Jeff on the other hand was in the game and took advantage of every inch of field he had. From my drop podding troops getting decimated by an IG Infantry platoon (who were decimated in return its true) to my orbital barrage hitting 7 units and killing one (!), it was a comedy of frustration. Bright notes were few and far between. Perhaps winning the Initiative on turn 2 might have helped my cause, but it was not to be and Jeff won a convincing victory.


My drop pod force worked wonders in the first game and not in the second. What happened? For one thing, I deployed the terminators too far away to lend support to the assault that the marines made. Heck, I should have positioned the terminators to do the assault, but I think scouting vultures were annoying me IIRC.
Regardless, the combined attack was less coordinated and therefore had less impact. PLus Jeff won init and ran like a sneaky git. :wink:

Elsewhere, I was taken totally off guard by Jeff mechanized infantry marching to get within assault range of my 3rd platoon. When he won the init on turn 2 he smashed that formation to itty-bitty parts and secured a direct path to the blitz. Nice move, but I wonder what I could have done had I won init there.

Overall I think I would opt for a different approach in army selection when facing Jeff's proclivities for mobility. Defilers were not much use, at least not one unit of them. A Banelord could have been entertainly, or at least a Ravager. Deathwheels would have been useful as well. More range or more speed is what my army needed.

Next time Mr Jeff ! :thumbgreen:

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