Monday, March 27, 2006

The Battle Looms...

On April 1st we are having our Eldar megabattle at Corey's place and it promises to be awesome. In order to make a good showing I decided to finish a Seer Council for the battle and that required finishing two more Warlock in a week. Fortunately, the base coats of red were done so on Friday night I started the highlighting, and over the weeked did the wraithbone and base colours for the weapons.

They are coming along nicely, with the wraithbone being finished this morning (pic not included, camera was upstairs to go to work for this post).

In between waiting for coats to dry, I've been working on some much needed reinforcements for my Epic army. Obliterators, havocs, and a second Ravager titan. The Obliterators (Mark II design ;) ) and Havocs have their drybrush of blue done, and the base coat of black is complete on the Ravager.

More to come as the Warlocks march towards battlefield readiness!

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