Friday, February 03, 2006

Titan Megabattle Report

 For pictures, go here and keep clicking next.

To see them all in reverse order:

It was Al and I combining our titans versus the fearsome Imperator of Derek and Tyranids of Dave O. No Eldar nor Orks were spotted during the action. (Not true, one Ork Great Gargant strolled by but couldn't stay.)

On our side:
2 Feral Warhounds
2 Deathwheels
2 Decimator super heavies

Dominatrix and bodyguard
3 Hierophants
1 Big flying skimmer thingy, like a super Harridan
2 Huge biovore type thingys

The Blitz objectives were on opposite sides of the table, the one Al and I were going for on the right, and the target of our enemies we deployed to the left.

The Imperator tipped its hand and deployed more to the left so we went hard to the right to negate the majority of its firepower. All three turns were were successful, limiting the Imperator to knocking down shields and causing blast markers.

The threee Hierophants attacked from the right but the combined firepower of the ravager, Warlord, Deathwheels, and one feral titan proved to be deadly, taking them down one at a time.

However, on the other side the uberharridan proved deadly in killing a decimator and breaking the second Feral in assault, and when we counter-charged with the Banelord it caused 5 damage points on the titan. Derek rolled really well to hit, hitting 5 times out of 6, and I failed to save either the Macro weapon hit or the two normal hits, and combined with the two tk hits the Banelord was severely damaged. To make matters worse, the Imerpator had shot up the Banelord earlier and while the void shields had protected it, the number of blast markers from its BP14 barrage combined to break the Titan and leave the Blitz objective open for the Dominiatrix to march in and win the game at the end of turn 3.

So, while only losing two decimators and a handful of damage points on the Banelord and Ravager, and killing all three Tyranid Hierophants, wounding the Dominatrix, and making the Imperator double all around the board, we still lost 2-0 (Blitz and Take and Hold).

We had lots of fun though, and hope to try it again sometime in the fall.:thumbgreen:

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