Monday, February 06, 2006

Farseer And Warlock

Well, I got some time to work on the Farseer and Warlock models this weekend, and got them to the point where all that is left is the basing.

Starting point on Friday:

The warlock: First picture shows work in progress on Saturday, and subsequent three pictures shows the completed model. The last picture was done after I decided I was unhappy with the blue highlighting on the mask brow and went with a thin line of codex grey instead.

The Farseer: He got attention on Sunday. First picture is without gems done, second with the gems, third showing the cloak, and the finished product in picture 4.

Next up, four guardians to test out variations of the painting scheme and settle the question: pink as the last highlight, or blazing orange? The warlock and farseer make a strong case for blazing orange.

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