Monday, February 27, 2006

Blue? Are you mad?!

I ran into the situation where I didn't know what colour to paint the tassals and headgear on the Exarch and one scoprion. I turned to the painting gurus on Deepspace for advance and the majority suggested several types of blue inks/shading. I was incredulous that it would look right but I gave it a try.

It didn't look right. I even asked Kim if she thought it looked ok, and she said "nope". Basically, the red, bone, and black majority colours are not complemented by the blues. It takes the model in a direction far from what I was going for.

So I backed off the shades of blue and went with a simple white base and black ink wash. Different than the bone-coloured weapons and contrast to the helmet, but still subtle enough not to overwhelm the model. I'll take a re-evaluation look after the model is done to see if I like it or if I need to try again.

Pictures coming tomorrow.

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