Monday, January 16, 2006

Tanks, Infantry, and Eldar (Oh My!)

I posted the first two pictures in the Epic forum on Deep Space already, but here they are again. The completed land raiders and predators:

And the next batch of raptors and characters (starting on left, current progress on right):

Once I have those seven stands left, I have 8 daemons, 3 Forlorn Hope marines, 4 havoc marines, 4 rhinos, 3 hellblades, 1 thunderhawk, and the ravager titan left to paint for epic.

Once I am done epic, I have these models on the desk, glaring at me (including two guardians in simple green in the jar behind the seers):

I also have a 4000 pt game against Dave and his 'Nid horde tonight, here's my army:

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