Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Land raiders, predators, and Helltalons! Oh my!

So, this holiday season I joined a challenge to paint 10 40K models before Jan 3rd. I entered the friendly competition with 22 Epic models feeling that would be the same effort. Eight land raiders and 14 predators.

Well, I didn't complete them. The drybrushing went along as expected but the silver took much longer than I thought as I forgot about all the exhaust ports on the predators.

I did finish one land raider as a prototype:

Ah well, I got a good start and should be finished this week or next.

Some extra pics. My Epic collection:

And the Helltalon squadrons:


  1. Well done, Bill! I like the Landraider detail and I think that's the best photo yet of your Helltalon's. Cheers!

  2. Wow your epic collection is so...organized! An asset my GW collections are sorely missing. I love those helltalons - such nice models when painted nicely (like yours)