Monday, January 30, 2006

Eldar, Eldar Everywhere

Epic took a back seat last week as I dove into more 40K Eldar models. First up was finishing the Striking Scorpion test model and the second guardian:

Pleased with the paint jobs, I moved to the bases. Here is how I currently do the bases for the Eldar. First I paint the base Goblin Green and glue on patches of gravel and sand. When the glue is dry (usually overnight) I then paint the stone grey, apply a 50-50 water/black ink, and then highlight codex grey.

While that is drying, I prepare long grass by bunching some up and putting a drop of glue in the middle. This is where I will cut it to make two stands of grass.

When the grass is ready (usually an hour or two), I cut it and put it on the base of the model. If the cut is flat enough it will stand up on its own, but sometimes a paint jar can be used as a prop.

When the tall grass glue is dry, I then trim the grass to the desired length and shape. To finish, I put glue on the rest of the exposed base and apply normal static grass. End result:

Next up was a warlock and farseer that I started earlier. After the two coats of Red Gore, I applied some ivory for the rune armour and helms. Then I went back to work on the red robes with an application of Blood Red, and then a final highlight using blazing orange instead of the usual 50-50 Blood Red and White mix. An experiment and I'm not convinced. I'm going to try it on a guardian to see what I like more.

That's as far as I got. Next on the painting list is more striking scorpions and guardians.

Speaking of guardians, I took out my Eldar force for a review this weekend and decided to show my four different types of guardians I have now. Starting from the left, there is the original cobalt blue with white dryburshing, the dark blue with white drybrushing, the more current cobalt blue with light blue highlighting, and the new red and black.

As you can see below, my multi-coloured army in all its glory. I'm basing my repainting scehdule on units that are the farthest from the Red and Black motif. Striking Scoprions (currently green and red) and the guardians are the highest priority, followed by the Howling Banshees. The Jetbikes may never get repainted, the I'm abivalent about the warp spiders who are pretty close already. The old wave serpent needs highlight at the very least although I'm more likely to replace it. I don't think I can strip my swooping hawks, they are so pretty. So they might get sold instead. But we're talking more than a year or two down the road.

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