Friday, November 04, 2005

A Spontaneous Warhammer Weekend / Farseer Update

Eariler this week (Tuesday) Kim informs me her mother invited her and her sister up for a girl's night on Saturday. It took a couple days, but Kim finally worked out the details last night and I immediately began looking for willing travellers to Carleton Place for some Epic ass kickings.

Adam Stephens has stepped up to the plate, with Dave Overholt looking to grab a ride with him. Also, another Dave (can't remember last name) from Perth wants to drop in. Expect loads of pictures from Saturday next week.

Now, some farseer pictures. Progress is going well, with the wraithbone at a point I like and most of the red gems near done. Still have to highlight the brown a tad, and start on the runes on the sash. The green jewel in the sword hilt and the eye pieces still need some glassifying effects.

Front (with and without flash):


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