Friday, October 14, 2005

Ack! Update

Sorry I haven't been posting. Thanksgiving weekend put the kibosh on any warhammer related efforts and while I have been making progress this week with touchups, fixups, and priming the farseer, nothing picture-worthy jumped out. So a week's worth of updates (sorry no pics):

- Farseer stripped nicely down to his lead (that's right, lead!) surface. I finally got brave enough to fix his stubby pointed finger that was malformed in production too. He's next on the list and I'm working out how to paint him. I think I'm going with the same colours of black and red, but just using my better skills now to do so.

- Shadow Weaver is nearing completion. Just have to do two red gems, a power cable, and I'm done. The crew needs a bit more work but they are getting close to being finished as well.

- The turret is 75% done. Just have a cable, lots of red gems, and touchups on the highlighting.

- In Epic news, my new space marine bikes and battle company arrived. From the battle company I took four jump pack marine stands and four stands of devestators for raptors and havocs respectively. This completes my infantry requirements for Epic so the rest of the marines are for sale (24 stands of tactical / devestators). For epic, the only thing else I want is another ravager battle titan. The search begin today!

- Yesterday I got in a quick game of Horus Heresy with Andrew. It remains as one of the best games Games Workshop ever produced because it has awesome theme, simple rule mechanics with lots of unit variation and strategies to apply, and lots of flexibility for overall tactics. I lost due to the World Eaters sneaking in the back of the palace and taking the inner palace while Horus and his marines secured the last of the four space ports. Oops. Great fun.

That's all for now folks. Enjoy.

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