Thursday, September 22, 2005

Quick Battle Report

I played Adam and his Eldar last night in a 4000 pt slugfest. I got lucky in turn one with the Deathwheels killing a Night Spinner and two Falcons to break two formations, and the Defilers killing another Night Spinner for a third broken formation. But despite rushing the Raptors in to make it harder for them to rally, they all recovered. I sent in Terminators and with them and the Raptors they killed one Night Spinner formation and the remaining Falcons, but Adam countered with super heavy tanks, jetbikes, and guardians.

In the middle Adam advanced with his guardians, Storm Guardians in wave serpents, aspect warriors in wave serpents, and Revenant Titans. I had an activation advantage in turn one so was able to set up my two Forlorn Hope in between his block and my two large platoons of infantry and bikes. On turn 2 I got initiative and used the bikes with Daemons to break the guardian warhost. He counted with an Avatar assaulting with aspect warriors to destroy a Forlorn hope squad and then the swooping hawks attacked the bikes breaking both sides. I

On turn three I assaulted the aspect warriors with my large Platoon of infantry and destroyed them, forcing the Titans to retreat or risk getting pulled down. My surviving forces pushed through for a desperate attack on the Eldar Blitz objective but failed to break the super heavies guarding it.

After three turns neither side had advantage so we went to a fourth turn where the tides began to shift against the Eldar. Unfortunately, I could not wrest control of that Blitz from the Eldar so I had one goal to zero, not enough for outright victory. We went to tiebreaker to find more Eldar had died, 2600-1900 for chaos.


This was a very balanced battle that could have went either way. I think Eldar made one mistake, assaulting the Forlorn Hope with the Avatar and Aspect warriors on turn two. I would have shot the Forlorn hope with the titans, breaking them, and clearing the way to assault the Platoon of marines behind them. Far more bang for the buck so to speak. That could have blunted my attack and given the Eldar the momentum to roll down the road to the Blitz objective.

A great game, one for the ages. Pictures to follow.

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