Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gaming Weekend Has Left!

Sorry for the delay getting my report together (glares at Corey) but work was especially trying yesterday and last night Kim and I were TV shopping.

Friday I went over to Corey's place for some 40K, the first for me since May. I'm glad to say I remember what was going on quite well and didn't slow the games down too much. Unfortunately, it gave Corey all the more time to decimate me. See the carnage here on his blog. The first game I played better and did what I think I was supposed to do, but lacked the luck with my lascannons to pull it off. Too many grav tanks shrugging off my attacks. The second game I just didn't think it through even though I knew what Dark Reapers could do and I paid the price. Losing half my marines on turn 1 before even moving is hard to come back from.

I've challenged Corey to a Grudge Match against his Strike Force where I shall be more prepared.

Saturday I met Andrew at the tennis courts and proceeded to school him in a set of tennis. The second set was called after seven games due to extreme hunger with Andrew in the lead 4-3. We had some brunch at Summerhays and then headed over to Brian's place for some serious Twilight Imperium game time. It took from noon til 6 but we had a blast with me edging Andrew out by a single Victory Point, 8-7 as the game ended by the Imperium Rex card.

None of us had any waiting wives so we broke out Axis & Allies D-Day with me taking the side of the defending German army while Andrew played the U.S. and Brian the U.K. It was a tight game coming down to the last turn, last battle, last die rolls, but alas I was forced out of St Lo and the Allies claimed victory (stupid fighters anyway!). I went home tired but satisfied.

Sunday I woke refreshed and ready for some serious Epic as my 5000 pt Grudge Match with Al and his Space Marines at the bunker loomed. I am creating a full battle report this week but I'm getting some pictures developed from a portable camera and that takes some time. Expect it later this week / next week. The short form is that Al launched a major offensive in turn 2 with his three terminator detachments against my Ravager titan and Deathwheel only to have it majorly backfire. His entire terminator strike force died while my war engines were only damaged and broken. With his attack stopped I countered and started rolling up the flank and striking at the centre with multiple weapons. Victory was mine 2-0 after three turns.

Next on the schedule is to play that Grudge Match against Corey and arrange for another game of Epic against Adam.

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