Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pictures 2

I had some roads made for me to go with my buildings and thought some battle-front pictures from embedded propoganda reporters would be cool. 

Platoon 1 holds a strategic crossroads while Imperial artillery pounds their position.
Aug10_1956 (Small) Aug10_1956 (Small)  Aug10_1956 (Small)

Deathwheels and platoon 2 move in to reinforce.
Aug10_1956 (Small) Aug10_1956 (Small) Aug10_1956 (Small)

Squads Gamma and Epsilon assault an Imperial strongpoint.
Aug10_1956 (Small) 

Air support was dropped from the orbiting Darknight's Pride Devestation class cruiser and strafed the enemy positions.
Aug10_1956 (Small)

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