Friday, August 26, 2005

Graduated from Rookie to Veteran

Well, after ten games of Epic with the experienced boys in Ottawa, I'm proud to sport an even record of four wins, four losses, and 2 draws. Better yet, the four wins are against three different opponents and three different armies. So I feel I've graduated from epic rookie to Epic Veteran. Yay me.

What next? Well, Al challenged me to a grudge match of 5000 pts which we will attempt to play on Sunday, Sept 11 at the bunker. That means I need to finish painting the recovering terminators as well as two of the new forlorn hope formations. I will also need to paint up the new swiftdeath flyers I've purchased from ForgeWorld (actually Imperial Lighting fighters but I like the style much better than the doomwings which will be going up on the block soon).

I'm toying with several ideas for the army, including the possiblity of field two titan, the Banelord and the Ravager. Really cuts down on activations but I suspect Al will have the advantage there no matter what I do due to his smaller formations. Another possiblity is the drop pod assault which has some attractiveness.

After the Sept 11th game I'll probably starting planning for the Epic tournament on Oct 23rd as part of the 10th Golden Marine tournament. Last mini-tourny at the beginning of Aug was not kind to me and I want to do better. I think having three full platoons is a good start.

Stay tuned!

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