Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I wasnt't feeling all that great the past two days, but much more normal today. Still, I've made some progress with the epic stuff.

The recovery of the last 8 tactical marine stands is well underway last night with getting the old flock off and painting all the bolters red and starting the silver piping. I'm also working on Chaos Lord stand #3 so when finished I'll have 25 infantry stands that I can field as 3 platoons (er, retinues) or 2 platoons and 2 scout detachments (i.e. forlorn hope) Re: platoons and scouts instead of Retinues and Forlorn Hope, the Black Storm is more militaristic than most chaos marine armies so I prefer using more militaristic sounding names for the formaitons.

I hope to have the infantry stands done by the weekend because I have a game scehduled with Adam for Tuesday night at my place. A rematch after our last colossal battle, we'll be doing 4000 pts again.

Once I have the marines complete, I'm going to look into fixing up the terminators and raptors and get the last of the old painted infantry I puirchased from Andrew up to the new design.

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