Thursday, June 02, 2005


I played a lunchtime game against Dalton today and score a victory.

We each had a 750pt Lost and the Damned army and played a Seek and Destroy mission.

My army:
Aspiring Champion leading 15 mutants
5 Marines with infiltrate, lascannon, plasmagun, champion
15 Traitors with autocannon and plasmagun
8 Furies
Leman Russ MBT

His Army (using Star Wars minis):
Aspiring Champion leading ~30 mutants
Aspiring Champion leading ~8 Traitors with assault weapons
10 Gibbering Hordes
10 Big Mutants

My MBT was brilliant blowing holes in gibbering hordes, big mutants, and normal mutants. Even when it scattered it was only a couple inches. My mutants did ok, and the traitors even got one good salvo of rapid fire that removed 5 enemy mutants.

Taking the Russ was a bit overwhelming but it will make him think more about anti-tank next time. Just like the two debacles last time made me think about better armour!

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